1. Mark Vaesen

    Blue Planet’s party (with photos)

    February 28, 2011 by Mark Vaesen

    We all had a fantastic time on Friday evening at our 10th Anniversary Party at The Hop Barn in Uckfield.

    Around 50 guests enjoyed a glass of bubbly, some superb canapes and good company as we celebrated this milestone together.  Read on to see photos of the event…

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  2. Research has recently been carried out by a leading email marketing company into what is the best time of day to send out your beautifully crafted HTML emails.  The results were surprising; such as B2B marketers frequently preferring to open their mails after office hours and consumers choosing first thing in the morning to check theirs. …Read more

  3. Mark Vaesen

    Tribute to the powerful influence of ProfitNet

    February 21, 2011 by Mark Vaesen

    Clients, suppliers, business contacts, family and friends will be joining us on Friday to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Blue Planet Internet Solutions.

    Among them will be people who know more about our business, its problems and successes, than anybody else including my wife Nikki, even though she has been involved with Blue Planet from the start.

    These are the people I have met through ProfitNet, and in this article you can find out how this organisation had such a huge positive impact on how I run my business.

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  4. We’re often asked how a website can be improved and one of the answers we often give is “Why not blog?”.  This is sometimes met with a sharp intake of breath and a reply along the lines of “Who wants to know what I had for breakfast?”.

    There are plenty of good solid business benefits of maintaining an active blog.

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  5. Neil Harper

    Neil’s top tips for online working

    February 16, 2011 by Neil Harper

    The online office world moves incredible fast these days.  I find using some simple tools and processes really help keep the emails flowing and the work rolling out.

    Here are my easy to follow tops tips for making life so much easier for you and the people you work with.

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  6. Mark Vaesen

    Our eyes are focussing on the future

    February 14, 2011 by Mark Vaesen

    Making plans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Blue Planet has given us the opportunity to pause, look back and reflect on the progress our business has made but we are also planning for the future.

    Technology is fast-moving, interest in the internet fast-growing and we are thinking not only about our own future development, but that of our clients too.

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  7. Mark Vaesen

    Link building – the key to increased web traffic

    February 11, 2011 by Mark Vaesen

    Search engines score your web pages on about 200 different criteria.  One of the most important things they will look for is quantity and quality of incoming links to your page.  That is to say, who links back to you?

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  8. Mark Vaesen

    3 good reasons to attend Lewes Business Network

    February 9, 2011 by Mark Vaesen

    If you’re looking for a quality, fun and relaxed business networking event in Lewes you can’t go far wrong with the excellent Lewes Business Network, a monthly breakfast event organised by Penelope Parker.

    Here are three very good reasons you should think about attending.

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  9. Mark Vaesen

    Looking back to the early days of online working

    February 4, 2011 by Mark Vaesen

    Flashbacks to the early days of online working keep drifting into my mind as we make plans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Blue Planet.

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  10. Mark Vaesen

    Understanding Google Analytics

    February 2, 2011 by Mark Vaesen

    I’m often asked the question “how can I improve my website?”  The answer is rarely easy to give as often you don’t know how well a website is already performing.  It’s vitally important to therefore understand your website’s performance and the best way is via Google Analytics.

    Here we provide an introduction to the basics of Google Analytics

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