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Brand design for Sussex tech start up

November 7, 2012 by Mark Vaesen

From a blank piece of paper to a fully developed brand – read about how we helped create a name and visual identity for this web-based start up.

Brand design for Sussex tech start up, Taxi Rater

At the beginning of 2012, we were approached by Trevor Tomes,  a Sussex-based entrepreneur who was developing a new web-based business.  Although the idea was fully formed, the business had no name, no brand identity and no website.

Trevor’s business idea is a website that allows users to compare fares of a number of different taxi firms for the same journey, saving the time and hassle of phoning round for different quotes.

We were delighted to be so heavily involved in the birth of this new business, and set to work.  We recognised that the correct process needed to be followed to end up with the results we wanted; first we needed to create the name, then the visual identity, then the website design and development.

Brand naming

The first stage of the project was to create a name for the business. After consulting with Trevor and creating a clear brief, we began by researching words associated with the industry and the purpose of the business itself. The name also needed to be memorable, easy to spell and, of course, available as a domain name.

After looking at a number of combinations, we settled on Taxi Rater.  It identified immediately what the business was about, was easy to remember and spell and has a double meaning – the website rates the taxi firms through the use of customer reviews and of course “rate” is another term for “fare”.

Brand identity design

The graphic device, fonts and colours were all carefully considered

Once the name had been established, we started on the crucial stage of creating the brand identity design.  Our design team started with the graphic device – sketching initial ideas using good old-fashioned pen and paper before expanding on the best ideas.  Careful consideration was then given to the choice of font to use for the verbal elements of the brand.  At each stage of the process, we referred back to the brief to ensure we never lost sight of what the brand was about and what we were trying to achieve.

We presented the brand design concepts to Trevor, explaining carefully the logic and rationale behind our thought processes so that he understood why we went for the particular design.  As is often the case, the client loved it, so we were able to produce final artwork ready for use in print and online without any further amendments.

Website development

The specification for the website was agreed whilst the brand identity was being developed, so designs for the main pages of the site were agreed soon after the brand design was signed off and development started.

The brand in use on the Taxi Rater website

The site integrates with a Google Maps API to calculate the distance of the journey. Some fairly complex formulas are applied to replicate how fares are calculated by taxi firms and produces prices based on per-mile rates provided by the taxi companies.

It was inevitable that tweaks would need to be made to these calculations after the draft website had been presented to the client, so this was planned for at the beginning of the project.

Taxi Rater is now up and running and calculating fares for users and Trevor is adding new taxi firms each week as demand for the website grows.

Visit the site:

How we can help

Blue Planet helps companies in Sussex and beyond to establish their brand design and identity and then roll it out through the web and printed materials.  If you would like to discuss how you could benefit from a strong brand identity to improve your business, we’d love to have a chat.  You can call Mark Vaesen on 01825 760909 or email

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