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Derek Crowson Charitable Trust – an update

April 2, 2013 by Mark Vaesen

An update on our previous post last week, where we announced our appointment by Derek Crowson to run an online marketing campaign for the Derek Crowson Charitable Trust.

Derek Crowson is the founder and chairman of Crowson Fabrics in Uckfield.  Several years ago he established the Derek Crowson Charitable Trust, which supports charities close to Derek’s heart.  He has asked us to help him promote the Trust online and since being commissioned last week, we have been busy working away at getting the Trust good search results.

Derek Crowson Charitable Trust website

The first thing we did was to set up a new website at, to provide a platform on which we could create keyword-rich content to be found for key search terms.

In order to get the website indexed quickly, we created blog posts on this site and others that we knew would be indexed quite quickly by Google.  Within a couple of days the website was being picked up and at this point we optimised the website around the preferred keywords.

Derek Crowson related blog posts

Once the website was established, we were then able to create content on the site that would be found for the search term “Derek Crowson Charitable Trust” and created further blog posts around these topics:

Derek Crowson donates £5,000 to The Stroke Association

Derek Crowson and Richard Caring donate £36,000 to the Caron Keating Foundation

Further blog posts are planned on the Derek Crowson Charitable Trust website and on other local news websites.  Watch this space!

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