Derek Crowson, founder of The Derek Crowson Charitable Trust, has donated more than £500,000 to good causes since it was founded in 1991.

The donations follow appeals from organisations dedicated to helping others.

Derek Crowson

Derek Crowson, Founder of the Derek Crowson Charitable Trust

Derek Crowson and his fellow trustees distribute the funds to charities in the UK ranging from those in the education and health sectors to others providing relief to the poor.

Derek is founder and chairman of Crowson Fabrics in Uckfield, East Sussex.  Since being established in 1978, the Crowson Group has grown to become one of the world’s leading producers, designers and suppliers of home furnishings.

“As a successful business man I am often approached for charity donations. The Derek Crowson Charitable Trust enables us to direct money to the causes we support in a consistent and efficient way,” said Mr Crowson.

Derek Crowson Charitable Trust beneficiaries

Among charities supported by The Derek Crowson Charitable Trust are the Caron Keating Foundation, Mencap and the NSPCC.

The Caron Keating Foundation is just one of the cancer-related charities supported by the Derek Crowson Charitable Trust.

It has been chosen because of the difference it makes to individuals and families affected and dealing with cancer.

The foundation itself assists small but significant cancer charities which finance professional carers, treatment centres and support groups.

Mencap helps people with learning disabilities be part of their local communities and Derek Crowson is supportive of their efforts in lobbying the government to change laws enabling more people with learning disabilities to have control over their lives.

The NSPCC is dedicated to helping and supporting disadvantaged children, whether through sickness, mental or physical disabilities or suffering abuse. The NSPCC has always been a charity very close to Derek Crowson’s heart as has been a beneficiary of the Trust for many years.

More details about the Derek Crowson Charitable Trust can be found on their website, along with the original blog post Derek Crowson Charitable Trust donates more than £500,000 to good causes.

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