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SEO – how to write good Page Titles

November 24, 2011 by Mark Vaesen

One of the most important “on-page” factors for SEO is your Page Title. In this post we examine how to write good Titles for your web pages.

Back in December 2010, I wrote an article called “SEO – The Basics“, which introduced the wide-reaching topic of SEO.  In this post, I am going to explore in more detail one of the points that I wrote about, and it’s one of the most important factors of optimisation that you can apply to your web pages; the Page Title.

The Title tag is displayed on search results

What is a Page Title?

Every web page has a Title.  Although it doesn’t appear on the web page design itself, it appears in the bar at the top of your browser window, as well as on the search results page.  The search engines will look at your Page Title to try and understand what your page is about.  It is vital that your Title is keyword-rich.  The common mistake when people build a website is to have Titles like “Home” or “About us”, which are no use to the search engines at all.

What to include in your Title

Search engines will look for your Title within the <title> tag on your page.  If your Title includes keywords that you want to be found under, your page is considered to be relevant to those keywords – increasing your chances of being found.

Assuming that you’ve already completed the vital step of researching the best keywords for your business, let’s look at how best to write your Page Titles for maximum effect.

If your chosen keyword is, let’s say “handmade furniture sussex”, you should include this right at the start of your Title – the nearer the beginning of the Title, the more important the keyword is.  The Title should still carry relevant information when viewed in the search results pages though, so you should consider including your company name, probably at the end.  A good Title in this case might be “Handmade furniture Sussex – Smith & Son, Lewes”

The right length for Page Titles

An important factor to consider when creating your Titles is the length.  Try not to exceed 70-80 characters, as this is what is displayed on the search engines.  Anything longer than this will be cut-off, which could mean visitors miss your company name, for instance.

Different Titles for different pages

One point that is often forgotten is that each separate page on the website is a potential search result, so you should create a different, targeted Title for each page.  Concentrate on your products or services pages and make them specific to each area.

Using our example above, this could work like this:

Home page – Handmade furniture Sussex – Smith & Son, Lewes
Kitchens page – Bespoke kitchens Sussex – Smith & Son, Lewes
Bedrooms page – Handmade bedroom furniture – Smith & Son, Lewes

How we can help

Blue Planet helps businesses get more from their websites through online marketing and promotion.  If you’re serious about making the internet a crucial part of your marketing and want to see a great return on your investment, give us a call on 01825 760909 or email for an initial chat about how we can help you.

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