Our ethics

What are Ethics?

Ethics are a set of principles that help distinguish between right and wrong. Blue Planet's Code of Ethics outlines how we choose to do business and reflects the values that we believe in.

Why are Ethics important?

We believe that the honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour of all Blue Planet staff and sub-contractors is fundamental to the reputation and success of our business. The following Code of Ethics Policy has been created that sets out the guidelines for the way in which Blue Planet does business.

Who does the Code apply to?

This code of ethics applies to all Blue Planet staff and sub-contractors or freelancers who contribute to Blue Planet products.

So, the persons covered by this code will display the following in their behaviour and attitude:

1. Honesty

An honest and open approach underpins everything Blue Planet does. If promises are made, they will be kept. We will not mislead or lie to our customers. We will be truthful about fundamental issues relating to our prices, deadlines and capabilities. We will always suggest the best solution for the customer, not the best solution for Blue Planet.

2. Integrity

We strongly believe in what we do and we strongly believe in doing it in the right way. This code of ethics has been produced to put in to words what it is that makes Blue Planet tick and not to pay lip service. We will always work to the highest professional standards.

3. A "do as you would be done by" approach

We feel that it is extremely important to treat people in the manner in which you would like to be treated yourself. Each of our clients will be treated politely and with respect. All those covered by this code will be helpful, friendly and understanding of the needs and abilities of others.

4. Fairness

All of our clients are equally important, regardless of size or status. Each client will be dealt with in the same way and with equal priority, whether they are a one-man band needing just an hour of our time or our biggest value client.

5. Responsibility

All persons covered by this code will take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of their actions. Everyone makes mistakes - we won't hide from ours. Blue Planet will allocate the responsibility of a project, problem or issue to a particular person and will advise you as to whom that person is.

6. Accountability

We are all accountable to you, the client for each action we take and each decision we make. As much as is appropriate, we will take the time to explain to you why we are proposing a certain course of action, without using jargon or fancy words.

7. Professionalism

We will act in a professional and proper manner whenever we deal with you. You will find us reliable, trustworthy, highly competent in what we do.

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